Wider Horizons

At Hillcrest, we understand that students have post-secondary goals of various interests and destinations. We are proud to be an international school, and aim to foster and facilitate a global perspective – in the present and while contemplating the future.

Therefore, we endeavour to expose our students to a host of networking and learning opportunities, including visits from admissions tutors and career exploration, that will allow them to make an informed and satisfying post-secondary decision. We believe that there is a “good fit” for every student, and we work with each individually to help him or her achieve this.

In that effort, Hillcrest provides study periods for the Year 12s and Year 13s to focus solely on careers exploration and preparation. During these times, we invite speakers and admissions tutors, present workshops, complete applications, and more. Through our parent and alumni network, we also help students connect to work experience in both Year 10 and Year 12. Additionally, we regularly host university fairs with over 40 representatives from top universities. Overall, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance our students’ and parents’ awareness of university options and each step from selecting and applying to enrolling and arriving on campus.

In addition to class time, we also meet with students individually and/or in small groups to work on tasks like university searching, writing personal statements, practising interview skills, and composing résumés. We also welcome parents to come in, and be as much a part of the process as they’d like.