A heartfelt Thank you letter

I am very grateful to have had all of you as my subject teachers and for some who didn’t even teach me, you have all made me a different person, a more confident young man and an outgoing responsible student who will never stop fighting for what is right in this dark and cruel world. Starting with WOMEN’S RIGHTS!

Without the stories that each of you shared and discussed with us in our classes, they made us realize and understand a bigger picture to that of just Hillcrest’s Community, and without the presentations that we made on Religions and Community Work, we wouldn’t have learnt from each other and gained the knowledge that we so gratefully have today.

From Mr Otieno’s Fun and Memorable Economics Classes to Mrs Sheila’s Insightful and loving Psychology Classes to Mr Asher’s captivating story-telling classes and Mrs McCarthy’s joyous and eye-opening classes, you have all helped me in growing as a human being, growing to become a better son, brother and citizen.

As I am now left with only one month before I leave for University, I really do wish that I could have sat down with all of you, to tell you just how much your support, care, love and motivation has made an impact on my life. I really do hope that the other students appreciate how much you mean to us, and if they have not, please take this email from me on their behalf.

Hillcrest has been a part of my life for many years and will still continue having that little piece of my heart. Without the education, my parents have gifted me with and without the wonderful teachers that you all are, I honestly wouldn’t be having a smile on my face.

I really hope that we can keep in touch, as I know after an academic year, teachers tend to leave. But I really do hope that when I come to visit, I get to see all of you once again.

Once again, Thank You Thank You Thank You So Very Much for such an inspiring journey, as I will Miss every single one of you a lot.

Best Regards,