Evaluation & Monitoring

Academic progress is monitored rigorously by the Headteacher, the Deputy Head, Form Tutors and Subject Teachers against Baseline Tests taken at the start of each academic year.  Year 9’s sit for their Midyis, Year 10’s and 11’s for their Yellis and Year 12’s sit for Alis.  These Baseline tests are “Curriculum-free” and assess the key areas of Vocabulary, Mathematics and non-verbal skills.  Through these, teachers get a good understanding of students’ aptitude for learning and potential.  Using the assessment feedback teachers can monitor performance and measure progress.  The assessments offer predictors of students’ future attainment in specific subjects, enabling teachers to set motivational targets and to maximise potential.  The Baseline grades act as minimum floor targets only.  Students who are underachieving are identified by subject teachers and are then monitored closely by the Head of Year, Deputy Head Academic and Headteacher as part of the School’s intervention plan.