Creative Arts

A key part of Hillcrest Secondary School’s holistic approach to education is the broad range of co-curricular activities and learning experiences which complement academic learning.  Developing attitudes of cooperation and teamwork, as well as opportunities to explore individual talents, pupils learn diverse skills.


Within the vibrant music department, musical talent is nurtured and students are encouraged to extend themselves through different forums.  To consolidate their talents, Music and Music Technology can be studied to A Level.

Individual instrument and voice lessons are available both during the day or before and after school hours.  Students also value teamwork in the School Choir, an elite Chamber Choir known as ‘The Twelve’, the Wind Band, String Ensemble, Guitar Groups and the School Orchestra.  A number of budding school bands have also been created and students have the opportunity to join the National Youth Orchestra and the Youth Choir Kenya.  In 2015 Hillcrest worked with Dominic Peckham, a renowned choral conductor, to initiate a Youth Choir in Kenya, a project which continues to gain momentum with plans to run a 3rd residential workshop event in August 2017.

Drama and the Performing Arts

Drama is a thriving part of the school curriculum and is offered to A level.  Also playing a large part in co-curricular activities, there are regular performances by students, in a range of dramatic genres so all can be involved, from straight plays, to devised pieces, dance and musical theatre.

We work together with the Youth Theatre of Kenya to promote the growth of the Performing Arts within Kenya.

Design and Technology

A wonderful opportunity for hands-on creativity with a variety of materials, students learn how to create a design, and then put that design into practise — developing creative skills for life!

Year 9s can make fabulous Model Safari cars, designed to master the terrain of the school grounds with an annual Safari Rally.  As students work towards their IGCSE, skills are honed further as, for example, they build a real guitar, a lawn chair, a treasure box or a croquet set.  We are the only school in Kenya to offer Resistant Materials DT as an A level course for Year 12 and 13.


Offering students the opportunity to harness their artistic skills, our Art Department provides for drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, fabric and screen printing.  Alongside the day-to-day lessons, there are a variety of art and photography activities, with trips outside of school to capture the wonders of Kenya on screen, paper or as a still image in photography.