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Students entering the Secondary School can look forward to an invigorating curriculum that will broaden their horizons and propel them to achieve their individual potential. Our international teaching staff is dedicated to providing stimulating, diverse lessons that inspire students to find new ways to engage with subjects. Students, aged 13 to 16, form opinions about political, environmental and social issues. Our academic prowess at IGCSE—100% pass-rate—combined with Hillcrest’s exciting cocurriculuar programme and sporting success, is the basis for our outstanding international reputation.


Our desire to help each student excel is reinforced by our intricate support system that provides guidance and reassurance to students as they adapt to adolescence and the added pressure they might experience in a high-achieving academic environment. The professional School Counsellor provides discreet, expert counselling when it’s needed. We maintain strong links with parents and guardians as students make key decisions at this important juncture in their academic career.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

Hillcrest turned 50 this year.  We are arranging a series of events throughout the year to celebrate this occasion.
The next event on Friday 18th of September 2015 is the Alumni Golf day at Sigona golf club. Come enjoy great moment with us.


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Hillcrest Secondary GCSE, IGCSE and O Level Options Handbook 2014 - 2015

Hillcrest Secondary School Induction Booklet, 2012 – 2013

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Mobiles:    (254) 0724 255 444

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Teacher on Call

Date: 24th - 28th August 2015

Name: Mrs.L. Darwin

For further information, please email


Term 1 2015 /2016  

Term Starts: 3rd September 

Half Term: 17th October to 25th October

School Resumes: 26th October

Term Ends: Friday 11th December

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