Making the most of our beautiful and extensive grounds, as well as encouraging a long term healthy lifestyle, sport plays a significant part in the lives of all the children at Hillcrest.  Our wide range of sporting activities promote individual development through a balance of competitive, cooperative and team experiences.

Games lessons are held three times a week.  Beginning in Year 2 the focus is on the main sport of the term: Rounders, Hockey and Netball for the girls; Cricket, Hockey and Rugby for the boys. Additional Physical Education lessons focus on Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics and Cross Country.

From Year 2 – 8 we aim at having 100% participation in interschool matches to give every child a chance to be a member of a team.  Hillcrest Prep pupils enjoy a busy schedule each term with various matches, tournaments and festivals to engage each age group.

Through sport, Hillcrest aims to instill in all our children an enjoyment of physical activity, an understanding of the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and clear knowledge of every sport that they play.