Hog Charge 2017

Some of our pupils recently took part in the Hog Charge at Sukari Ranch. We had a total of 11 teams proudly representing Hillcrest Preparatory in many the categories namely U14 Girls and U14 Boys, U12 Boys and U12 Girls. Some of the noteable results – ‘Wild Coyotes 2’ were the overall winners of the U12 Boys category and raised the 2nd highest sponsorship amount at the event! The U14 Girls teams ‘Sweet Hogs of Wisdom’ who came 3rd and ‘Charging Horns’ who finished 4th were both strong teams.  The U14 Boys category had 21 teams and the Hillcrest teams, ‘X Class’ and ‘Umizoomi’ finished 2nd and 8th respectively.

A very big thank you to many of the Parent Reps to came to help and support our Hillcrest Checkpoint last Sunday. We successfully drew positive attention to the school and the 500+ cyclists were impressed with the offer of refreshing ice lollies, iced Hillcrest shortbread, a fruit platter and blue & green slushies and other thirst quenching drinks – as well as our water sprayer and last but not least our highly entertaining drummers! Spectators were thrilled to discover freshly brewed coffee and delicious chocolate brownies.