Welcome to Hillcrest Prep!

At Hillcrest Prep, we believe that learning is an interactive and exciting journey of discovery.  If children enjoy learning, they will carry this attribute through to the rest of their lives.  Recognising that every child is unique and has their own learning style, our talented teaching staff support all learning styles and levels through a wide variety of learning activities.

By combining our individualised approach and wide-ranging learning opportunities with our family-oriented setting, our pupils are nurtured in a safe and secure environment.  This combination brings out the best in every student who comes through our doors.

It is our mission to ensure every child achieves their full potential; not only academically, but also more broadly on a social basis as well as in exploring and excelling in diverse fields outside the classroom.  Our holistic approach to the curriculum balances strong academics with the arts and sports.  This is amplified with an extensive activities programme, allowing pupils to pursue their interests and develop new strengths and enthusiasms at a relatively young age.  Every child has the opportunity to perform in our drama, dance and music productions as well as in a very extensive programme of sports fixtures and events.

Our campus offers excellent facilities to meet the needs of every child: sports fields, a swimming pool, a newly designed Fab lab and beautiful library, music rooms and a learning support centre.

A truly international community, with a large diversity of cultures and backgrounds, we have built our school on a philosophy of inclusion, where every child feels a sense of belonging.  Our children learn to work together as a team, in all spheres, and to depend on each other as members of the Hillcrest family.

Overall, our aim is to set our pupils on the road to becoming successful global citizens, who are respectful and considerate of others, and who have a sense of curiosity to explore new opportunities as well as a determination to excel.

I encourage you to come and visit the school to see what we can offer your child.

Mrs Vikki Alden