Extra Curricular

Hillcrest runs a vibrant extracurricular programme to encourage exploration and curiosity as well as nurturing diverse talents and skills.


Taking place during the lunch hour as well as before and after school clubs include Football, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Ballet, Roller-Blading, Golf and Tae-Kwon-Do.

Friday Afternoon Activities

Encouraging children to explore new interests and to discover their personal strengths, Friday afternoons are cherished times as children take part in a range of activities such as Computer Coding, Chess, Debating and Public Speaking, Scouts, Beaded Jewellery and Life Saving.  These activities rotate and offer experiences which differ from the structure of daily school curriculum.  Some activities are offered to mixed age groups, encouraging the older children to take responsibility for nurturing the younger ones.

Hog Charge

With grit and determination, teams of four children (aged 10 and above), set off on their bikes around Sukari Ranch near Ruiru.  Battling their way through mud, marshland, dust and bush while map reading to find the best course, children compete to complete a fun by grueling cross-country course in support of conservation.

Food Revolution Day

Every year our teachers and children have great fun taking part in this global event, started by British Chef, Jamie Oliver in 2010.  It is an opportunity for our children to get inspired to cook great food from scratch and to learn about healthy eating.  

Cultural exploration

We are privileged to live in a community rich in cultural diversity and our school mix reflects that breadth – from the nationalities of the families who join us, to the broad experience and international training of our teachers, to the learning opportunities we offer.  Equally, we do our best to utilise to the maximum the opportunities presented by being located in Kenya, with its special and diverse environment.

Our family-style approach and philosophy of inclusion, means that every child feels a sense of belonging.  Every opportunity is utilised to develop attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork building mutual respect for each other.  The annual Utamaduni Day, together with the French Day and International Day develop more in-depth understanding of cultures other than one’s own.