Educational Technology

Integrating Technology

Since September 2014, Hillcrest has operated an ambitious 1-to-1 device programme across the Prep and Secondary schools.  Pupils in Years 2 4 have two sets of devices which they share, allowing for a significant amount of device time while pupils in the senior level of the school work on their own devices.  The teaching of ICT skills is integrated into the curriculum and pupils use ICT tools in all subjects. Computing classes are taught by specialist teachers in all Years from 2 8.

VLE – extending learning beyond the classroom

Hillcrest subscribes to a Virtual Learning Environment — an online tool that brings together teachers, pupils and parents — allowing parents to easily engage with their child’s learning; checking homework, timetables and subject specific pages. For pupils, it is easy for them to access all the resources they need to stay organised with their school work, projects, revision and homework, all in one place.