Hillcrest Vision & Ethos

Hillcrest Vision & Ethos

The vision of Hillcrest International School is to inspire each child to achieve personal excellence as a valuable member of our global community

The ethos by which the school operates supports the achievement of this vision:

Nurturing individual talent and strengths

Recognising that every child is inherently unique, with their own individual talents, strengths and learning styles, we believe that learning is a journey of exploration and discovery.  Our educational framework provides a wide variety of learning activities — both in and out of the classroom — to ensure that all learning styles and diverse interests are supported and that students are stimulated and challenged.  Our small class sizes also enable teachers to give pupils individual attention.  This individualised approach to each child’s development encourages enthusiasm for learning with the freedom and confidence to think differently and to aim high.

Acknowledging that learning does not solely happen in the classroom, students are challenged further in many diverse fields.  With our cultural diversity and our academic, artistic and sporting prowess, wide-ranging opportunities are provided to broaden the mind, body and spirit, enabling our students to develop into successful individuals.

Empowering independent academic learning

At Hillcrest we believe that if children enjoy learning they carry this attribute through to the rest of their lives.  As such a love of learning and the opportunity to expand horizons on an independent basis are encouraged from the early days of creative interaction in HEY through to the academic heights of A Level research projects in Hillcrest Secondary.  Time is set aside in the curriculum for individual study and exploration using our library and IT facilities.

Our personalised approach to learning enables our teachers to match and stretch the individual students of all levels to achieve their best, as we are keenly aware that good academic qualifications contribute to improved career opportunities.  We also recognise the fact that high levels of achievement are a collaborative effort and at Hillcrest, students, staff and parents work closely together in order to achieve exemplary results.  Students are encouraged and empowered to work independently as well as in collaborative groups — whatever their age.

Stimulating Curiosity

Research suggests that intellectual curiosity has as big an effect on performance as hard work.  Our students are
preparing for jobs that did not exist when they started their schooling career.  As such we believe it is crucial that we help them develop a passion for learning, underpinned by a curious and inquisitive spirit that enables them to explore and utilise every opportunity to its fullest.

Curiosity to investigate a subject in greater depth or to try out an entirely new skill is encouraged at every stage through our diverse subjects and vibrant extracurricular programme.  Through building confidence and encouraging a questioning mind, we give students the freedom to explore whether that may be to investigate what lives under a leaf in HEY or to open new doors to as yet unknown career paths for older students.

Valuing mutual respect and team spirit

A truly international school, with a large diversity of cultures and backgrounds, Hillcrest is built on a philosophy of inclusion, where every child feels a sense of belonging.  Every opportunity is utilised to develop attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork building mutual respect for each other.

Experiential learning encourages our students to develop resilience, independence and teamwork.  Giving life to lessons from the classroom, it provides a richer contextual reference. Hillcrest students are encouraged to develop an understanding for the world around them, building skills such as interpersonal communication, cooperation and an understanding for different environments and cultures.


Encouraging personal determination and perseverance to achieve

The breadth of opportunity offered at Hillcrest in terms of the diversity of activities as well as the quality of the learning experiences allow students to develop character, social skills, critical thinking skills and talents.  It also encourages determination and perseverance to succeed.

Not only in academics but in all areas, students are taught to try and try again until they achieve their best – and to take a leadership role in the process.  In the artistic sphere, talented and expert teachers encourage a balance between mastering techniques with the need for self-expression.  On the sports field, students compete in team and individual sports to a high level.  In extra-curricular activities students are encouraged to explore new opportunities and even create new Clubs to explore their passions.

Our alumni are a true demonstration of success achieved in the most diverse fields possible.  A programme of talks by visiting Alumni is designed to encourage our students to recognise the full breadth of opportunities open to them.

Engaging within our international community and our country

Whilst attaining personal excellence and achieving our best academically is important to us, our mainstay is to nurture confident, well adjusted, socially responsible young citizens who have respect for, and make the most of, the rich environment in which they have the privilege to live.

Hillcrest students participate in various trips and excursions to enhance their educational experience and complement the curriculum in Geography and Science. These provide exposure to the region, continent and world at large. Students also go on trips as a result of clubs, activities and competitions that they participate in, as well as additional bonding trips that are offered. These include outreach trips to Baringo, excursion trips to Mt Kilimanjaro, business trips across Europe, Ski Trips to Italy and many more.


Students at Hillcrest are encouraged to get involved with our wider community to enhance their learning experience, develop compassion and empathy for those less fortunate and to contribute towards the growth and development of the community.