Hillcrest History

Our History

The origins of Hillcrest International Schools started with Hillcrest Preparatory School which was founded in 1965 by educationalist Dorothy Noad and long-serving government employee Frank Thompson.

Hillcrest Preparatory secured its international school status in 1972, when it became a member of IAPS; joining a conglomerate of British Curriculum schools across the world. Concurrently, the idea was mooted for Hillcrest to expand its educational offering to include a Secondary School.

Hillcrest Secondary School was established in 1975, being built in the current school’s location. Humbly beginning with an enrollment of 54 students and three classrooms, the school was one of a few offering students Cambridge Overseas ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examination and certification.

With reference to its school motto, Semper Prospice, Hillcrest International Schools is always looking forward and has evolved over the years, with each school presently located adjacent to one another in the Karen-Langata area.  The trio of schools was completed following the inclusion of the Forest Edge in 2000, which later became Hillcrest Early Years.