Headteacher’s welcome

Welcome to Hillcrest Early Years, where learning is fun!

At Hillcrest Early Years we provide a rich and stimulating learning environment in a caring and secure setting.  Our warm, family-style atmosphere is further enriched by the culturally diverse community we encompass.  This brings many wonderful aspects to the classroom, not least strong foundations of appreciation of one another.

Nurturing children’s creative thinking skills through play-based learning builds their self-confidence and encourages them to become inquisitive, independent and self-motivated learners who love school.  The benefits of being an inquisitive, interested person cannot be underestimated and we encourage a strong sense of curiosity in all our children.

High expectations and standards of learning are embedded into our practice. The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is carefully tailored by the teachers to meet the unique needs of each individual child, ensuring all children are appropriately challenged in their learning.  Monitoring and assessment is an integral part of our everyday teaching practice with detailed and comprehensive Learning Journeys developed for every child. These documents track your child’s progress as they move through the Early Years Foundation Stage and onto Key Stage 1; recording and evaluating each developmental step.

Hillcrest Early Years is a happy and healthy environment for children to thrive in; emotionally, physically and academically. We provide a truly holistic early years approach; from our healthy snacks, to the range of fun extra-curricular clubs offered, to the endless cuddles given by staff.

We also recognise that you, the parent, are the first and foremost educators in our little children’s lives. We aim to develop strong parent partnerships and welcome you to participate in our vibrant Hillcrest community.

Jenna Rawlings
Head of Hillcrest Early Years