Specialist Classes

In addition to learning the core subjects, our children benefit from lessons with specialist teachers in Music, Computing, Swimming, Modern Languages and Games.  Class teachers communicate regularly with these specialist teachers to ensure that each child is making progress in all areas of the curriculum.

PE and Games – Our PE lessons focus on key skills including spatial awareness, co-operation and hand-eye co-ordination. Games lessons develop the skills that children will need to participate in team sports. Nursery children learn to handle balls, rackets. beanbags, hoops and bats. In Reception and Year 1 this progresses onto ball skills and developing the understanding and techniques required to participate in fun team games and sports. Each year culminates in our Early Years Sports Day, in which every child participates in fun races.

Swimming – Our experienced swimming coaches are very good at building confidence in our little swimmers and developing early water safety skills. Reception and Year 1 children focus more on stroke technique; developing into strong and independent swimmers. The Early Years Swimming Gala is a highlight on our calendar displaying the amazing progress made from Nursery through to Year 1.

Music – Children love our singing games and stories, using puppets and hand-held percussion instruments. When we practise the songs with percussion and actions we learn the tunes and words easily and quickly. Using our whispering, speaking and singing voices, we learn to control pitch and volume. Xylophones, glockenspiels and a whole range of percussion sounds are used in our guessing the sound games as we try to match the sounds to the instruments. We sing our way joyfully through Assemblies, Christmas Plays and our Summer performances each year.

ICT – Hillcrest prides itself on its forward thinking approach to ICT. Not only do the children benefit from having access to computers during everyday class time to support them in their learning, Reception and Year 1 children also benefit from weekly ICT sessions to help build important early ICT skills and confidence.  

Swahili – The children really enjoy their weekly Swahili sessions where they sing, dance and play games to build a basic understanding of the language. The more fluent speakers enjoy helping the teachers guide the sessions; displaying great pride in their language proficiency.  

French- Year 1 children also benefit from weekly French sessions where they further develop their knowledge and understanding of other languages, building basic French speaking and listening skills.