Transition to Prep School

Progression to Prep

Year one builds on the secure foundation established in the EYFS learning framework, gradually moving to a more formal learning approach for the transition out of Early Years and into Year 2. Each class is taught by their own class teacher for the majority of the week. This allows teachers to really get to know each pupil and to support them to achieve their full potential. Particular attention is given to developing numeracy and literacy skills.

Learning Development

Lessons are engaging and stimulating. Children are encouraged to play an active role in their learning, to think for themselves and to make connections with their own experiences and the world around them.

Our pupils develop a passion for reading through regular individual reading sessions along with group or class reading lessons, which allow stories to be shared and responded to collectively. They look forward to their weekly visits at the school library where they borrow books and enjoy interactive stories. Children are inspired to explore different genres as well as pursue their own interests.

Gaining an Educational Independence 

In addition to learning the core subjects, our pupils benefit from lessons with specialist teachers in Music, ICT, Swimming and Games. Class Teachers communicate regularly with these specialist teachers, to ensure that each pupil is making progress in all areas of the curriculum.

In Year One we focus on concentration, listening and empathy, perseverance, resilience, independence, initiative and risk-taking. Children are given opportunities to work independently and collaboratively, sharing and respecting the ideas of others. Our pupils become reflective learners as they begin to assess their own understanding. They become aware of their personal targets, track their progress towards achieving these and begin to co-construct new targets with their teachers.