Extra-Curricular Clubs

We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that run throughout each term, encouraging our children to explore a variety of different skills and hobbies. All clubs are vetted at the beginning of the academic year by the Head Teacher who ensures all supervisors receive clear outlines regarding safety, supervision and procedures. All clubs are asked to report back to the parents at the end of the term regarding progress and achievements. A timetable will be shared at the beginning of each term allowing parents to sign up to selected clubs, there is also a free trial week where children are able to give clubs a go to see whether they like it. Nursery 1 children do not participate in clubs due to their age and some clubs are only offered to the older HEY classes.


Football Club

The children have a great time developing their ball skills in this club and it is always a firm favourite. Trained football coaches provide fun games that not only enhance the children’s skills but also develop an awareness of rules, team work and technique.


Taekwondo encourages self-discipline as the children develop their skills and collect different coloured belts. Our highly skilled coach delivers sessions that are both fun and focused to help the children develop key skills.


Ballet sessions are always popular amongst our girls who love getting dressed up in their tutus. The teacher focuses on building basic ballet skills with the little ones and the older children begin to create more complex dances and routines.

Golf Club

Golf Club allows the children the opportunity to build up their early golfing skills through fun, age appropriate games. Trained golf coaches help the children to develop their understanding of the game as well as their golfing techniques.


The children have a fantastic time in this club developing their physical skills through fun gymnastics. The weekly sessions contain a whole variety of different activities from learning how to do roly-poly’s to playing active games.

Lamda (Drama Club)

LAMDA develops the children’s early dramatic and performance skills through age-appropriate games and activities. With the help of the fully trained coach the children develop their self confidence and explore their emotions through a range of enjoyable activities.

Individual Music Lessons

Additionally to the children’s weekly music sessions there is also the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Children enjoy learning how to play the piano and violin, developing important early musical skills.

Tennis Club

The children enjoy practicing their hand-eye coordination skills as they play fun games and develop their understanding of the rules of tennis.

Afro Fusion Dance Club

This club is new to HEY and brings a more modern approach to music and movement with funky tunes and energetic coaches.