Nursery 1 (18 months 3  years)

Our youngest learners enjoy a play-based curriculum where they are encouraged to develop confidence, build trust and familiarise themselves with the school environment.  These play opportunities are carefully designed to build their independence and nurture curiosity and a love of learning.  Our beautifully planned indoor and outdoor play spaces are designed to stimulate your child’s natural inquisitiveness and creativity as well as collaboration with other children.

Teachers in this class understand the unique needs of this age group — ranging from potty training to napping and are always on hand for cuddles!

Nursery 2 (3 4 years)

At this step, your child continues to enjoy a range of exciting learning opportunities, stimulated through interaction in both the outdoor and indoor play-learning spaces.  Interesting topics are explored by teachers to develop general knowledge and allow children to create links in their learning.

Each child is challenged according to his or her abilities through activities specifically designed by our teachers to suit their own personal ability, learning style and developmental stage.

Nursery 2 follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme that will introduce your child to phonics through fun games and sound awareness activities, building a strong foundation in literacy.

Reception (4 5 years)

Lots of exciting leaps are made in the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  A careful balance of play-based learning and teacher-led activities provide a fun and varied curriculum that encourages children to be self-motivated in their learning.

Children continue to make progress in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, developing their early reading and writing skills. Exciting learning adventures are explored through topics, taking the children to faraway places; developing scientific and geographical knowledge and inspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Year 1 — Progression to Prep (5 6 years)

Our oldest learners take great pride in being the ‘biggest’, helping others smaller than themselves.  Year 1 builds on the amazing learning skills that have been nurtured through the Foundation Stage with a careful balance of group learning sessions, collaborative activities, one-to-one teacher guidance and child-led experiences.  Teachers use thematic learning to connect different areas of the curriculum to encourage children to make links in their learning and develop a truly holistic approach.

In Year 1 we focus on concentration and listening as well as empathy, perseverance, resilience, independence, initiative and risk-taking. Our children grow into reflective learners as they become aware of their personal targets, assess their progress and begin to co-construct new targets with their teachers.

An important transitional year, the children are carefully prepared so that they are academically and emotionally ready for their next exciting step as they move to Year 2 and Prep School.